Saturn´s Children “Magnetic Love EP” Free Download


•    Having the properties of a magnet; exhibiting magnetism.
•    Capable of being attracted by or acquiring the properties of a magnet: “love is magnetic”.

On the back of the hors d’oeuvre ‘Sun In The Sky’ single, now comes the full feast Magnetic Love EP from Soultronica force, Saturn’s Children.

Karmasound and Emeson are Saturn’s Children – a forward thinking musical connection.
They are standalone musicians comfortable in their solo guises or as part of a grid, with a mutual respect and love for this art form.

The Magnetic Love EP is the result of collaboration between Barcelona resident beat maker, producer & dj, Karmasound and London based singer – songwriter Emeson.

With eclectic space dust music created, cultivated and coated from mind and heart of Karmasound, Emeson scatters soul sermons at the magnetic sound altar.
The result is a futuristic voyage into love’s promise, love’s elusiveness, love’s supremacy and love’s magnetism.

Karmasound’s deep beats, subtle overlays and sweeping soundscapes allow Emeson to effortlessly amplify and convey rich tones in questioning, pleading, reassuring and searching for love’s validity.
Featuring four tracks Magnetic Love, From The Heart, Sun In The Sky and Dreams, this is Soultronic music at its finest.

If the promotional track ‘Sun In The Sky’ can be described as ‘Spacek playing eight – track cassettes with Flying Lotus on Deep Space 9’ then the Magnetic Love EP as a whole is ‘Dilla meets The System on Voyager playing mind bending Borg mini-discs’

Saturn may be 856 million miles from the Sun but thankfully its children are just moments away from you…


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