Karmasound is the free spirited DJ, beat making maestro and self – taught musician straight out of Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.
A turntable specialist from the real school – two or three turntables and a mic, he’s a sound-a-holic whose musical diversity covers hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, latin,  fusion, electronica, and pretty much any other genre you care to file.
Like a producer, he experiments in broken beats, groove and synthesized sonica are to behold because for him there are no barriers, no limits.

He is a producer on projects like Hiphop´s “Kuando Alguien Oculta Sonrisas”, soultronica´s duo “Saturn´s Children” and electronica´s “Evan&Damian”

His solo releases are

“Good Things EP” (Chocolate Soul Records) 2009

“Future Visions” (Self Release) 2012

“Shockwaves | Morning Dance”  (DoubleU) 2016

“Probabilidades EP” (Phuture Shock Musik) 2018

“Can See Thru You” (Phuture Shock Musik) 2018

Contact: damianbotigue@gmail.com

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