Solo works

Karmasound “Good Things EP” (Chocolat Soul Recods) 2009


Welcome to Good Things. A world where you will find a musical infusion of jazzfunk, soul, latin, broken beat that will immerse you in the waves, dreams and feelings of KarmaSound, DJ and beatmaker based in Galicia, Spain. Good Things is an eclectic EP, six cuts deep, with Karma’s sound revolving from jazzy beats through a more mellow vibe, to end up with faster up tempo tracks that will seduce you to dance. KarmaSound handles all musical production, from samplers, drums, synths, keys, percussion, guitars, programming, etc.. All of this accompanied by the warm voice of soulsinger Sara Bee and the spoken word of Emeson and Lirica Soul (Mayte Diaz). A sweet treat filled with positivism where you will enjoy and dive into new sounds.

Photography and artwork by Mehu.

(P)2010 Chocolat Soul Records, (C)2010 Chocolat Soul Records.

Karmasoud “Future Visions EP” 2012 (Self Release)

Four elegant tracks in which he shows us his journey through his experimental phase of music production, bringing the future to light through a fresh electronic sound, with hard hitting baselines and sophisticated melodies.
It saddles up close to dubstep but without losing his usual approach, influences and littered with genius strokes of funk, nusoul, r&b and broken beats.

Artwork by Deru (

Karmasound ” Shockwaves – Morning Adventures” (DoubleU) 2016

Two tracks are full of energy, with lots of funky flavor and tropical aroma.
Artwork by Salah. (

Karmasound “Probabilidades EP” (Phuture Shock Musik) 2018

Karmasound “Can See Thru You” (Phuture Shock Musik)

Karmasound & John Tareugram “Nómada White IV” (Nómada Records)

Karmasound “La Búsqueda” LP (Phuture Shock Musik)


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